Sixty years ago: Alaska in 1959

11/01/2018 The Fairbanks Rail Depot in 1959.

Oh, how time flies! In 2019, Alaska will celebrate a whopping 60 years of statehood. So many things have changed, but there’s something about Alaska that always stays the same. Take a step back in time and see what the areas around our lodges looked like in 1959. What is…

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The spiel on wheels – a guide to cycling in Alaska

07/27/2018 A cyclist pauses to take in the view of a lake at the base of mountains

Cyclists rejoice! Just because you couldn’t bring your bike as a carry-on item this trip doesn’t mean you should give up your favorite hobby when you’re on vacation. There are places across Alaska to rent bicycles and routes for every endurance level – from fat-tire biking  to leisurely cycles through…

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