The spiel on wheels – a guide to cycling in Alaska

A cyclist pauses to take in the view of a lake at the base of mountains

Cyclists rejoice! Just because you couldn’t bring your bike as a carry-on item this trip doesn’t mean you should give up your favorite hobby when you’re on vacation. There are places across Alaska to rent bicycles and routes for every endurance level – from fat-tire biking  to leisurely cycles through…

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Jurassic Alaska: Dinosaurs that roamed the Last Frontier

An illustration of dinosaurs in front of mountains

With summer right around the corner, anticipation is building for a number of summer blockbuster releases. Perhaps the biggest title coming out this summer is “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom,” the next installment in the popular series. The movies do such a great job of depicting the prehistoric beasts that roamed…

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Favorite travel quotes to inspire your Alaska vacation

A sunset in Wrangell-St Elias National Park

There’s a reason “Inspirational Quotes” is one of Pinterest’s most popular categories. For every sentiment, it seems there’s someone who has already put it perfectly to words. Once you soak up all the inspiration from this roundup of our favorite travel quotes, feel free to keep them in your back…

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Answering the most-Googled questions about Alaska

Wood blocks with the letters and numbers spelling

Curious internet users from across the globe are asking Google questions like, “Do Alaskans live in igloos?” and “Was Alaska a good deal?” In honor of April Fools’ Day we are putting an end to some of the silliest misconceptions about Alaska once and for all, via Google’s autocomplete function.

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Big talent from the biggest state

A microphone in front of the Alaska state flag

While Alaska is pretty far-removed from the rest of the country geographically, its culture, art and music scene is definitely up to par with the “Lower 48,” as locals call it. Alaska boasts some major talent that you might be familiar with—keep tabs on these Alaskans as they make their…

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