#NoFilter Needed: 5 Alaska Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2015


Thanks to the multitude of smartphone photo apps, it has never been easier or quicker to make pretty photos. We especially love Instagram and all its fun filters (though when it comes to Alaska, our filter of choice is no filter at all). The social media app is our favorite place to find a constant stream of Alaska-tastic photos. With a simple “follow,” you can fill your feed with gorgeous images of the Last Frontier as you gear up for your next dream vacation in the 49th state.

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Celebrate the 22nd Annual BP World Ice Art Championships in Fairbanks!

02/11/2014 An ice sculpture glistening in the sunlight. Three ice carved horses are jumping out in each direction from the center of the sculpture. Fairbanks, AK

This year, Fairbanks will celebrate the 22nd annual BP World Ice Art Championships (Feb. 24 - March 30). Founded in 1990, the ice-carving competition is operated by more than 90 different committees, nine board of directors and hundreds of volunteers all across the globe. The competition brings in thousands of people from around the world to view these unique artistic pieces created out of large blocks of crystal-clear ice.

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Countdown Begins to the Great Alaska Beer & Barley Wine Festival

01/06/2014 readerboard reads 'Great AK Beer & Barley' at night in downtown Anchorage.

As the growing number of burgeoning microbreweries around the country attests, beer is the new wine. The long, slender bottles of aged, fermented grape juice still earn their fair share of respect. However, if you’re planning to add a wine cellar to your house, you may want to consider allocating some of that space for craft beers, as they are definitely the new worldwide trend.

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