Amazing Kenai Peninsula Daytrips

04/12/2024 Resurrection Bay in Alaska

The Kenai Peninsula is known as Alaska’s playground, and for good reason! From fishing and kayaking to wildlife viewing and hiking, there are so many things to do in Kenai. The best part? The Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge‘s close proximity to some of Alaska’s most stunning destinations. A short…

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Exploring an Alaska Rainforest

03/12/2024 Exploring an Alaska Rainforest

Photo Credit: Travel Juneau.  Close your eyes and envision a rainforest that’s cool and misty instead of warm and humid. You’re surrounded by tall trees and greenery, but there’s no tropical heat or exotic flora. Instead, the air smells like pine and earth. Ancient moss-draped trees and fern-covered floors cover…

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Celebrating the centennial of the Alaska Railroad

06/21/2023 Celebrating the centennial of the Alaska Railroad

There is nothing quite like leaning back in a warm railcar and enjoying the sights of Alaska’s backcountry. The Alaska Railroad is older than Alaska’s statehood, and it all began in 1914 when President Woodrow Wilson created the Alaska Engineering Commission to officially map out a…

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A city lover’s trip to Alaska

05/24/2023 A city lover’s trip to Alaska

Though Alaska is most known as an outdoor adventurer’s paradise, there is also plenty for city lovers to enjoy and explore during their Alaska trip. Nestled between the base of the Chugach Mountains and the coast of the Cook Inlet is Anchorage, Alaska. Anchorage is Alaska’s…

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Visit the Aurora Ice Museum and Bar

12/12/2022 The Aurora Ice Museum

photo by Jeff’s Canon So you’ve adventured your way through Alaska’s unforgettable parks, spotted elusive wildlife, and traversed gorgeous glaciers. Now, it’s time to kick back with a cold one. A very, very cold one. For one of the most iconic and unique Alaska experiences, slide on…

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Sustainability practices at Princess Lodges

11/17/2022 Sustainability practices at Princess Lodges

There is no doubt in our minds that traveling has the power to inspire positive social change. At Princess Lodges, our goal is to add value to lives through travel and connect with new communities, encourage new ways of thinking and foster relationships. When it comes to the environment, we…

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Alaska’s favorite foods

10/19/2022 Alaska’s favorite foods

Alaska is a state of many flavors! Lucky for you, even if you can’t be here right now you don’t have to miss out on its flavors. We’ve compiled a list of food products that can bring the taste of Alaska right to your home, no matter where that may…

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Giant vegetables in Alaska

08/23/2022 Giant vegetables in Alaska

It may come as a surprise to some to learn that despite Alaska’s relatively small agriculture industry, the largest state in the U.S. also grows some of the largest vegetables. When we say large, we mean giant — 130-pound cabbages, 35-pound broccoli stocks, and 2,000 pound pumpkins. Vegetables at the…

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