What to Do in Alaska

With Princess, you will not only see Alaska, you will experience it. Our wilderness lodges provide a wide array of opportunities to get out and explore each unique region. The enrichment goes further than optional tours — some lodges give daily lectures from National Park Rangers featuring the geology, wildlife, and native culture pertaining to the area.

We offer eight exciting tour destinations that showcase diverse attractions from museums and fine dining to fishing and mountaineering. There is something for everyone to enjoy at our available destinations: Denali National Park, South Denali, Anchorage, Fairbanks, Copper River Valley, Alyeska, Kenai Peninsula, and Seward.

Optional Tours and Excursions

You will never have to wonder what to do in Alaska. Each of our riverside lodges features a tour desk where all varieties of excursion are available. Our hosts — experts on optional excursions — will tailor an Alaska travel experience specifically for you. Do you want to walk on a glacier, fly around Denali, ride horses in the backcountry, or just go for a leisurely walk around the grounds of the lodge?

The activity level varies by excursion. Our most active options require a moderate level of activity such as walking for medium short distances over a variety of levels of terrain. Activities such as canoeing, hiking, biking, or kayaking are examples. Participants should be physically fit.

We also offer a wide variety of excursions that require different levels of activity. Each excursion is rated and indicates the level of mobility and fitness required to enjoy the tour.

Princess also provides a number of optional tours for guests with limited mobility, including wheelchair users. Most tour operators require that wheelchairs are collapsible. Your Princess host can assist you in making a decision as to what type of trip is best suited for you.

Adventure or Relaxation

Alaska River RaftersKenai Fjords National Park

This ice-sculpted land, known as “Alaska’s playground,” begs to be explored.

Enjoy Optional Excursions

You can walk on a glacier, fly around Denali, ride horses in the backcountry, or just go for a leisurely walk around the grounds of the lodge.

Explore a National Park

Fully one-half of all United States’ national park land is in Alaska. Considering that, you begin to understand the scope and diversity of this vast expanse. Stretching 13.2 million acres, Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve is the largest National Park in America. The Copper River Princess Wilderness Lodge is only a few short miles from the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park visitor center and Princess provides free shuttles to the center.

Denali National Park and Preserve is located 240 miles north of Anchorage and encompasses 6 million acres of forests, tundra, glaciers and mountains — that’s larger than the entire state of Massachusetts. Yet only 90 miles of main road traverses the park, leaving the moose, caribou, sheep, and bears free to roam a wide area of land untouched by man. The Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge is only one mile from the lone park entrance and tours into the park are arranged by our tour desk.

Kenai Fjords National Park lies on the jagged southern edge of the Kenai Peninsula south of the Kenai Princess Wilderness lodge. This ice-sculpted land, known as “Alaska’s playground,” begs to be explored — and there’s a variety of ways to do it from our lodge.

Enjoy the Unique Cuisine of Alaska

One of the best ways to experiences Alaska’s singular lifestyle is through its cuisine. Princess Alaska lodges feature menus carefully chosen to reflect the distinct regional flare of Alaska food. We call it our Signature Alaska Cuisine.

Salmon is king in Alaska and there is no shortage of it around Princess lodges. Each location features salmon prepared in unique ways — from smoked BBQ salmon to poached salmon steaks smothered in fennel sauce. We also feature thick steaks of fresh-caught halibut and luscious Alaska king crab legs. You can top it off with one of the featured northwest regional wines or a locally-brewed Alaska ale.

Your Alaska Travel Guide

These are merely a few ideas to help you plan your exciting Alaska vacation. Let our tour desks give you ideas on what to do in Alaska and help you plan the vacation of your dreams.