National Parks in Alaska

Alaska is the ultimate wilderness destination. More than 1,400 miles north to south and 2,400 miles east to west, it boasts a vast expanse of unspoiled wilderness that staggers the imagination. Trade freeways for forests and street shoes for hiking boots. Alaska’s wide-open spaces are just what you have been missing. Her mountains, glaciers and wildlife are exactly what you need. Stand in awe before nature’s spectacle in Alaska’s great national parks and wildlife preserves.

We have collected a series of interesting articles to help you discover Alaska’s great parks and destinations.

  • National Parks in Alaska

    Alaska is home to 15 National Parks and Preserves, more than any other state. Princess can help you experience the depth and breadth of these great parks by spending time at one, or all of our five custom-built wilderness lodges. They are perfectly situated to showcase some of Alaska's great national parks.
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  • What's in a Name?

    In the heart of Alaska lies one of the last great wilderness preserves on earth. Thirty-five species of animals and hundreds of plant species sustain themselves by completely natural processes in a wild domain. This special character led Congress to create Mt. McKinley National Park in 1917.
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  • Alaska is Glacier Heaven

    In the final great period of the Ice Age, half of Alaska was buried in the ice. Today, about 10,000 years later, five percent remains locked in a frozen world. More than 100,000 glaciers in Alaska continue to shape the landscape in every way, carving mountains, depositing fertile silt in valleys, and crashing into the sea.
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  • Wrangell-St. Elias Park

    Back in the 1890s, explorers looking for gold happened upon some rich copper veins. The boom that resulted, bankrolled by East Coast industrialists, changed the face of the land forever. The town of Kennicott, in the heart of the park, became the site of the world's richest copper mine in less than five years.
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  • Exploring the famous Copper valley and Wrangell-St. Elias

    After the Klondike Gold Rush, copper was discovered in the Chitina River Valley near McCarthy. A massive building boom ensued, with Wall Street bankers financing the Copper River Railway from Cordova's port, up the river to the Kennicott Mine. During the 30 years the mine was operational, it was both the largest and richest copper mine in the world.
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  • A Tour of Fairbanks

    Fairbanks, Alaska, located on the Chena River, is a city of exciting booms, extreme weather, and cultural posterity, and is the site of continual bursts of business, innovation, and commerce. This has been Fairbanks's story since 1902, when the sleepy little community transformed into a major supply post and hub of prospecting frenzy when gold was discovered in a northern creek.
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  • Denali National Park

    When you plan your Alaska vacation, do you plan to encounter a striking landscape, a place so expansive that it shelters more than six hundred-fifty species of flowering plants and thirty-seven mammal species? Do you envision your Alaska tour to include a dizzying six million acres filled with large caribou, moose, and grizzly bears, and offset with startlingly small flowers, miniaturized to suit Alaska's short growth season?
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