History and Culture of Alaska

Alaska is, above all else, a land of remarkable diversity. There is urban Anchorage and rural Copper Center. There are villages scattered throughout the land and wilderness as far as the eye can see. Explore everything from native villages to massive gold dredges, as you come face to face with Alaska’s unique history and culture.

We have collected a series of interesting articles to help you learn more about Alaska’s history and culture.

  • Jade, Alaska's State Gem

    Plans for touring Alaska conjure images of that ancient glimmering substance found in rocks and rivers, that bright sparkly rock for which Alaska is famous. No, it's not gold. It's the Alaska state gem, jade.
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  • Mushing in Alaska

    Dog sledding, more popularly called mushing, traces its roots back to the Eskimos of the 15th century. It remained a primary mode of winter transportation in Alaska's bush country until pilots began flying air routes in the 1920's.
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