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Alaska National Park Feature: Wrangell-St. Elias National Park

Wrangell St. Elias National Park

With more than 74,000 visitors in 2014, this national park is the fourth-most visited in the state of Alaska. To continue with our countdown of the five most popular national parks in Alaska, let’s find out what else makes this gigantic park stand out!

From where we sit: Princess panoramas


Enjoying Alaska’s brief, but relished summer sometimes requires less exploring and more relaxing. And that’s easy to do in the Last Frontier, when the views from our lodges are unbelievably picturesque; so scenic, they have to be shared.

View from the Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge
Overlooking the glacial turquoise hues of the famous Kenai River, a lodge employee snaps a photo that showcases three things Alaska is known for: mountains, world-class fishing and beer.
View from the Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge
An employee took this shot from the deck of the Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge while enjoying views of Denali National Park. You can … Read More →

Alaska National Park Feature: Katmai National Park

Katmai National Park

Anyone who travels to Alaska gets to see some of the most spectacular natural beauty in the world – and visiting any of the state’s 54 million acres of national park land gives you the chance to see the best of the best.
But you might not have time to see it all. So in a new series of blog posts, we’ll be counting down the top five most popular national parks in Alaska for you. Let’s start with Katmai National Park & Preserve.
Katmai had more than 30,000 visitors in 2014, making it the fifth-most visited national park in Alaska, according … Read More →

Alaska’s Newest Brew Hubs

Alaska is known for epic scenery that inspires exploring, and if you like to adventure with a beer in hand, the state boasts dozens of local microbreweries. If your idea of exploring is more in line with sampling the best brewpubs and eateries, Alaska will not disappoint. The beer and distillery industry has recently grown in Alaska, a state that can now add many neighborhood craft breweries to its long list of bragging rights. Within the past five years, 10 breweries joined the local beer scene and more distilleries are opening their doors. Alaska fruit wineries are also burgeoning in … Read More →

Princess Off the Clock: Denali Edition


Alaska is a midnight sun playground with far more wildlife and natural beauty than one person could experience in a lifetime. Our employees get to spend the entire summer here and have a wealth of activities at their fingertips once they punch out for the day. From hiking and fishing to late-night barbecues, it’s rare that anyone has trouble finding fun in the extended daylight hours. Here are some of our employees’ favorite activities that keep them coming back year after year!
In Denali, a couple of our employees, Sara and Pat, take a national park sled dog named Sitken on … Read More →

Alaska Fishing 101


Anglers travel from all over the globe to fish the waters of Alaska. Not only is it some of the most exciting fishing in the world, but the scenery is downright breathtaking. Some of the tastiest seafood in the world swims in and around the 49th state, and it tastes even better when caught on your own line! Here are a few tips to help you fill your freezer with Alaska fish during your next visit to the Last Frontier.

Before you cast your first hook, a fishing license is a must. But don’t worry, there’s no test required and it’s … Read More →

Self-Guided Microbrewery Tour in Anchorage

Alaska Breweries

Each year microbreweries become more and more popular. What better way to get to know Alaska locals than by sitting elbow to elbow and sampling some one-of-kind Alaska brews? Next time you visit Alaska, call a taxi and have some fun on a pub and microbrewery tour in Anchorage.
Anchorage Brewing Co.
This quickly growing microbrew is also one of Alaska’s newest, founded by brewer Gabe Fletcher, former head brewer of Midnight Sun Brewery. It moved from its location downtown, where it shared some equipment with Sleeping Lady Brewery, to its new location at 148 W. 91st Street in November 2014. The outdoor … Read More →

Birds of a Feather in Northern Weather


Alaska is home (at times temporarily) to about 500 different species of birds. From bald eagles to chickadees, the Last Frontier is a can’t-miss birding destination, whether you’re looking to improve your bird-watching chops or just catch a glimpse of a few new feathered friends. Just in time for summer, here are a few basics to start your northern birding adventures off right.
First, bringing along a few books will help you find and identify species across the state. “A Birder’s Guide to Alaska” by George C. West has been called the best guide to bird watching in Alaska and is … Read More →

15 Free Activities for Kids in Alaska

Alaska Trail Hiking

You’re about to make memories of a lifetime with your kids in Alaska, but traveling with the family in tow can get pricey. Keep your wallet in your pocket while you’re staying in Alaska – and still make a trip to remember – with these 15 free activities that are fun for the whole family.

Secret Fishing Tips Alaska Locals Won’t Tell You About

Local Fishing Spots

Photo by G. Frank Peterson
The spring fishing season has arrived and you know Alaska is the best place to earn your fish stories. But you don’t want to crowd to the fishing spots where other tourists tangle their lines – no, you want the real experience. Alaska locals might not tell you where to find all the hidden gems, but we have a few hints on where to find these secret fishing spots when you visit Alaska. The most important thing to remember: It’s really hard to go wrong.
Location has assembled a list of more than 500 Alaska Fishing Spots, … Read More →