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Now Trending: Alaska Distilleries

Bottle of Smoked Salmon Vodka made by Alaska Distillery

This photo is used under a Creative Commons license by Headlines & Heros.
Trends come and go by definition, but there is one trend flourishing in Alaska that shows no sign of slowing: supporting and buying local. Over the last 10 or so years the market for local products has grown substantially, including products from all walks of life. While Alaska has been in the microbrewing game for a while now, the state is beginning to catch up to national trends on the hard liquor front as well, with five local distilleries opening in the last five years. Each provides some … Read More →

Fifty Years Later: Remembering Alaska’s Infamous Earthquake

Plaque for Good Friday Earthquake

This week marks the 50th anniversary of the record-breaking Good Friday earthquake that shook Alaska on March 27, 1964.

Hook that Bait, It’s Ice-Fishing Season in Alaska!

Two holes are cut in ice with a fishing pole standing upright out of the hole on the left.

Alaska’s winters offer up some of the most beautifully sunny, clear days; perfect for bundling up and hanging out on a frozen lake with a thermos of hot coffee, waiting for dinner to take the bait.

How to Train Your Dog (And Musher) for The Iditarod


Alaska is home of hardcore adventurists. From crab fishermen to bush pilots, people here know that danger and excitement are a natural part of life. So what do they do for fun? Well, many Alaskans hitch up their dogs and take a sled ride for 40 or 50 miles across windswept tundra. These sleds are not the lounging Santa sleighs, either. The mushers stand on the sled the whole time, steering the dogs away from dangers or distractions.
Once a year, these diehard athletes come together and race their dogs along a course that spans over 1,100 miles. The Iditarod is … Read More →

Alaska Gear Rental 101

A backpack sits in a foreground of grass while the Alaska range, Mt. McKinley snow capped peaks and Denali rivers are captured in the background - Princess Lodges

We’ve all experienced this airport scene or witnessed a similar one: A traveler, fresh off a long flight, undoubtedly thrilled by the notion of the outdoor adventure ahead, stands next to the baggage claim conveyor belt surrounded by more luggage than their hands and backs can carry and likely short several hundred dollars due to increasing airline cargo fees for anything larger than a carry-on.

Celebrate the 22nd Annual BP World Ice Art Championships in Fairbanks!

An ice sculpture glistening in the sunlight. Three ice carved horses are jumping out in each direction from the center of the sculpture. Fairbanks, AK

This year, Fairbanks will celebrate the 22nd annual BP World Ice Art Championships (Feb. 24 – March 30). Founded in 1990, the ice-carving competition is operated by more than 90 different committees, nine board of directors and hundreds of volunteers all across the globe. The competition brings in thousands of people from around the world to view these unique artistic pieces created out of large blocks of crystal-clear ice.

Pave Your Own Path on Alaska’s Highways

Photo was taken looking into the rearview mirror on a car with scenery of Denali National Park ahead and blue skies behind

When booking your Alaska vacation, we suggest renting a car to explore all the Last Frontier has to offer, whether it’s world-renowned attractions or more off-the-beaten-path adventures. From Fairbanks to Denali National Park and Preserve and on to the breathtaking Kenai Peninsula, Princess Alaska Lodges offer the perfect road map for an epic Alaska vacation.

The Last Great Race on Earth: Iditarod 2014

Alaska sled dogs sprint with their tongues flailing and their musher, Jeff King, behind them on the sled.

When people think of Alaska in winter, one of the first things they think of is the Iditarod, “The Last Great Race on Earth.”

5 Alaska Adventures Off the Beaten Path

Brown Bear Family

Your Alaska adventure probably includes the Northern Lights and a trip to Denali. These are must-see sights, but what about the lesser-known gems of Alaska? “The Last Frontier” is full of unique experiences and hidden surprises. Fortunately, our Princess Lodges are close to some of the best. Here are five spots worth adding to your list of places to visit.
Russian River Falls
Located less than 10 miles from our Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge, the Russian River Falls is classic Alaska. You’ll get up close and personal with nature. The falls are at the end of a two-mile trail. The trek is … Read More →

Countdown Begins to the Great Alaska Beer & Barley Wine Festival

readerboard reads 'Great AK Beer & Barley' at night in downtown Anchorage.

As the growing number of burgeoning microbreweries around the country attests, beer is the new wine. The long, slender bottles of aged, fermented grape juice still earn their fair share of respect. However, if you’re planning to add a wine cellar to your house, you may want to consider allocating some of that space for craft beers, as they are definitely the new worldwide trend.