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This season’s can’t-miss winter sporting events in Alaska

nancy beardsley_Piece of Surprise Glacier

Though Alaska might not boast national-level baseball, football or basketball pro teams, the Last Frontier certainly has no shortage of athletes, especially extreme sports competitors.

The Best Ice Fishing in Alaska


The snow is already flying here, and that can only mean one thing: Ice fishing season is just around the corner! With more than 180 stocked lakes in south central Alaska, the odds of catching a “hard water” fish — whether you are first or 101st — are outstanding.

Fuel up in the great North – a tour of Alaska’s vibrant coffee culture


Maybe it’s the winter cold, maybe it’s the darkness or maybe it’s the 20 hours of summer daylight during which we’re fueled by a ‘round-the-clock intake of espresso. Whatever the reason, there’s something about Alaskans and their coffee.

147 Years of Celebrating Alaska Day

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Alaska Day commemorates the official purchase of the territory of Alaska from Russia and, more specifically, the transfer ceremony that took place in Sitka on Oct. 18, 1867. Considering the $7.2 million-dollar price tag (about $119 million dollars in today’s currency), you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t think the U.S. got the better end of the deal!

Root for These Alaska Sport Teams


For a variety of reasons, Alaska doesn’t have any major professional NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB or MLS teams. But that doesn’t mean Alaskans don’t participate in sports. While you’re visiting, you can still catch a game, drink a pint and root for the home team!
Alaska Aces
The Anchorage-based Alaska Aces are far and away Alaska’s most popular sports team. Between 4,000 and 5,000 fans regularly pack into Sullivan Arena, a.k.a. The Sully, to watch the Aces play.
The Brabham Cup, which goes to the East Coast Hockey League team that scores the most points during the regular season, has gone to the … Read More →

Late-season fishing in Alaska: what’s biting and where to catch it!

Dave Arnott_MPL River Excursion

Summer in Alaska is coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean that the fishing season is! Late-season fishing in Alaska is alive and biting, and is even considered prime season for a wide variety of both saltwater and freshwater species.

Routes That Make Alaska a Motorcyclist’s Paradise


Alaska is the perfect place to ride. Long stretches of winding road and secret little hideaways cover the state. Biking across endless miles of gorgeous scenery, you’ll encounter forests, coasts, mountains, and lots of wildlife. Whether you plan to bring your bike up from the Lower 48 or rent a motorcycle after arriving, you’re in for a great adventure.
Plan Your Time to Go
June and July are the best travel months in terms of weather. But that’s also when hotels, motels, and campgrounds tend to fill up, so it helps to have a general route mapped out and to book accommodations … Read More →

Savor Alaska with al fresco dining

Bonny Doronio_McKinley Princess Lodge

With endless hours of daylight, fresh air and majestic views, Alaska is the perfect destination for al fresco summer dining. No matter which Princess lodge you visit, options for outdoor dining are plentiful in the Last Frontier. Read on for a few highlights!
While visiting Fairbanks, hit the deck at dinnertime and enjoy the view of the nearby Chena River. Both the Edgewater Dining Room and Trackers Bar & Grill at the Fairbanks Princess Riverside Lodge serve breakfast, lunch and dinner on an outdoor patio. Sit riverside and soak up the sun while enjoying a made-to-order omelet or slice of savory … Read More →

12 Alaska Facts That Will Impress Your Travel Guide

Pavlof Volcano Alaska Facts

Image used under Flickr Creative Commons license from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.
A quick Google search will tell you a few basic facts about Alaska: it’s the biggest state in the country and it used to be part of Russia. Chances are, you already knew that. But this land of midnight sun, glittering glaciers, and endless coastline contains much, much more to boggle the mind and make jaws drop. Share a few of these interesting tidbits on any excursion, and we guarantee you’ll have your tour guide nodding with enthusiasm at your Alaskan street cred. He might even learn something … Read More →

Sounds of the North: Music in the Last Frontier

Denali 2

Alaska’s local music scene is flourishing, and if you know what to look for, you could find yourself smack-dab in the midst of some serious musical fun. Aside from the national acts that make their way north, keep an eye out for some of these incredible local artists on your next visit to Alaska.