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Alaska’s Extreme Conditions make for Extreme Competitions

man riding bicycle with fireweed in foreground, Princess Alaska Lodges

Alaska’s terrain has inspired people to come up with all sorts of extreme races that test not only skill but sanity, too. Grit your teeth and hold on tight as we take you through several of the 49th state’s most extreme competitions.

#NoFilter Needed: 5 Alaska Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2015

Alaska WOW - M .Gale

Thanks to the multitude of smartphone photo apps, it has never been easier or quicker to make pretty photos. We especially love Instagram and all its fun filters (though when it comes to Alaska, our filter of choice is no filter at all). The social media app is our favorite place to find a constant stream of Alaska-tastic photos. With a simple “follow,” you can fill your feed with gorgeous images of the Last Frontier as you gear up for your next dream vacation in the 49th state.

Best Alaska Travel Experiences

Best alaska experiences

photo via Paxson Woelber
The best things in life aren’t things. They’re experiences. If you’re on the hunt for happiness, forget the jewelry and big-screen TV, and choose a memorable experience instead.
Not convinced? Don’t take our word for it. Research from Cornell University has proven that buying vacations makes us happier than purchasing clothes, electronic gadgets or even a new car.
How so? Researchers uncovered a few reasons:
Zest for living
Life is juicier when you get out and experience a new corner of the world. It’s the difference between watching a nature documentary on PBS and actually seeing a bear or moose from the … Read More →

Stars, Trees and Santa: Must-See Holiday Icons in Alaska

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Though only 55 years old, Alaska as a state has its fair share of icons. In the spirit of the holidays, let us introduce you to some our favorite icons that take center stage this time of year.

Find the Perfect Alaska Holiday Gift for Everyone on your List

Holiday Image 2013

With the holidays in full force, it’s crunch time to cross every friend, relative, neighbor and coworker off your shopping list. The task can seem daunting, but worry not! We can help you find the perfect gift for everyone in your life with these two letters: AK. A gift made in Alaska can be unique, and — if a trip to Alaska is on your own wish list — a great conversation starter to start the travel planning process.

Heli-Skiing is Hella Rad

Helicopter Skiing

Photo via karina y
Looking for the ski experience of a lifetime? Grab your fat skis and head to the 49th state, where helicopters whisk you to the insane terrain of untouched powder, towering ranges, steep vertical drops and ultra-long descents. This is the land where legend comes to life.
Alaska’s Chugach range is home to a number of high-caliber heli-ski operations. Each offers access to thousands of glaciated acres—so much territory, in fact, that you can go for a week and never ski the same line twice.
Not Just an Elite Treat
If you’re a solid intermediate downhill skier, comfortable on red runs, … Read More →

This Season’s Can’t-Miss Winter Sporting Events in Alaska

nancy beardsley_Piece of Surprise Glacier

Though Alaska might not boast national-level baseball, football or basketball pro teams, the Last Frontier certainly has no shortage of athletes, especially extreme sports competitors. After all, adventure-seekers flock to Alaska for the many mountains to ski, rivers to raft and rock faces to scale. You’re even likely to see windsurfers catching a gust of wind on Turnagain Arm as you drive along the Seward Highway. But if what you’re really after is that thrill of being packed into a stadium, shoulder to shoulder with other cheering fans, well we’ve got that, too! Here are some highlights of the upcoming … Read More →

The Best Ice Fishing in Alaska


The snow is already flying here, and that can only mean one thing: Ice fishing season is just around the corner! With more than 180 stocked lakes in south central Alaska, the odds of catching a “hard water” fish — whether you are first or 101st — are outstanding.

Fuel up in the great North – a tour of Alaska’s vibrant coffee culture


Maybe it’s the winter cold, maybe it’s the darkness or maybe it’s the 20 hours of summer daylight during which we’re fueled by a ‘round-the-clock intake of espresso. Whatever the reason, there’s something about Alaskans and their coffee.

147 Years of Celebrating Alaska Day

savage 1

Alaska Day commemorates the official purchase of the territory of Alaska from Russia and, more specifically, the transfer ceremony that took place in Sitka on Oct. 18, 1867. Considering the $7.2 million-dollar price tag (about $119 million dollars in today’s currency), you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t think the U.S. got the better end of the deal!