Heli-Skiing is Hella Rad


Photo via karina y Looking for the ski experience of a lifetime? Grab your fat skis and head to the 49th state, where helicopters whisk you to the insane terrain of untouched powder, towering ranges, steep vertical drops and ultra-long descents. This is the land where legend comes to…

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Root for These Alaska Sport Teams

An ice hockey rink

  For a variety of reasons, Alaska doesn’t have any major professional NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB or MLS teams. But that doesn’t mean Alaskans don’t participate in sports. While you’re visiting, you can still catch a game, drink a pint and root for the home team! Hockey Alaska Aces The…

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5 Authentic Alaskan Souvenirs

Musk Ox Yarn

Souvenirs are the perfect way to carry home reminders of your Alaskan adventure. But you don’t want to discover later that your memento was made in China. Instead, choose one of these five locally-made keepsakes for an authentic Alaskan memory. 1) Ulu knives Originally made from slate, these traditional,…

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