Activity of the Week: the Wild West of the great north

07/15/2010 Back To Blog

If you thought the views couldn’t get any better on the Kenai Peninsula, gain an additional five feet or so and enjoy the sights on horseback. The clicking of hooves against the dirt, the distinct musk of mane; it’s all very wild north, the way Alaska should be explored. Aside from having a horse-eye view of things, you can cover more ground on horseback, seeing as how your “guide” is doing the work. There is just something soothing about the steady plod of a horse that makes this nature experience appealing.

The four-hour trail ride departing from the Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge allows you to saddle up and explore the outback of Cooper Landing without the roar of an engine or smudgy window. Along with the scenery, the area is prime for wildlife viewing. Some people suspect that traveling by way of a four-legged friend makes animals more inclined to come a bit closer.  But even if you don’t have any luck spotting other animals, the experience leaves you feeling a bit closer to wildlife, and a bit friendlier to the environment. After all, your carbon footprint is only as large as the horse you rode in on.

If you go:

You can book this adventure from the Tour Desk and the Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge. The Cooper Landing Trail Ride is a four-hour adventure available to guests over 12 years of age. The cost of this tour is $234 per person.

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