Princess Lodges Ramping Up to Open for Summer

05/11/2012 Back To Blog

Ever wonder what it takes to get our lodges up and running each summer? Here is a sneak peak at what it takes to open two of our five lodges for summer.


Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge

Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge is open from mid-May to mid-September. To prepare the lodge for summer  2012 operations we:

  • Made 138 beds in 15 separate buildings
  • Cleaned 87 wood stoves, ash boxes & glass windows
  • Cut, split, delivered and stacked 12 cords of wood
  • 116 inches of snow was plowed during the winter, and then spread out this spring to encourage melting
  • Replaced the deck on five separate buildings
  • Hired 107 employees
  • Polished 205 wooden chairs, 500 glasses and 3000 pieces of silverware


This time of year we also plan out our menus and orders for the summer season. We plan to order:

  • 2,670 pounds of bacon
  • 1,860 pounds of burgers
  • 1,190 pounds of sausage
  • 500 pounds of scallops
  • 6,150 pounds of french fries


Mt. McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge

The Mt. McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge is slated to open on May 18. To prepare the lodge we:

  • Made 735 guest room beds
  • Cleaned more than 475 guest rooms
  • Stuffed about 1,775 pillows into pillow cases
  • Processed more than 1,310 applications and hired over 315 seasonal team members


In our Food & Beverage operations we prepare for the season by cleaning and organizing our warehouse and kitchens in preparation for the following quantities of food to be delivered throughout the season:

  • 9,645 lbs of bacon
  • 6,975 of hamburgers
  • 20,400 lbs of French fries
  • 2,680 lbs of fresh cut fruit
  • 54,720 fresh eggs


Summer is quickly approaching. To get more information on an Alaska lodge or to book a stay, visit