Ghosts and goblins aren’t the only thing causing a scare in Alaska

10/27/2010 Back To Blog

With all the talk of creepy crawlies in preparation of the upcoming holiday, it’s the perfect chance to learn about how to avoid a real-life invasion. Fairbanks Princess Riverside Lodge is hosting the Alaska Invasive Species Conference Oct. 26-28 featuring scientists, experts and residents involved in research, education and control. Anyone concerned or interested in invasive species is invited to attend.

It’s not just about the “ick” factor. Non-native plants, animals and microorganisms impact Alaska’s economy to the tune of about $137 billion per year. The environmental impacts are also staggering, threatening native fish, plants, wildlife and their subsistence users as well as our resource-dependent industries, including agriculture, tourism, forestry, hunting and fishing. Feeling squeamish yet?

The conference will cover a range of topics — from insidious plants on the Kenai Refuge, to threats to Alaska’s aquatic systems such as Norway rats, red fox and house mice. Participants will include teachers, residents and representatives from state and federal agencies who hope to raise the awareness of the invasive species problem and to coordinate research and prevention efforts.

A conference registration form and an agenda may be downloaded from or Stop by the Fairbanks Princess Riverside Lodge to check it out and as always, we hope you’ll stay with us if you’re in from out of town. Book your reservations at

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