Activity of the Week: 40 Below or Bust

08/16/2010 Back To Blog

Let’s face it, your relatives are probably sick of your emails describing Alaska winters — four-foot snowdrifts, ice crystals in the air and frozen nostril photos that should have been left to the imagination. But we have a right to brag. After all, Alaskans live for the extreme and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Even if your friends and family will only brave the summers, don’t pass up the opportunity to show them once and for all what Alaska’s most extreme winter conditions are like — even for just a minute — at Denali’s own Alaska at 40 below simulator, Arctic Blast. Guide your parka-wrapped guests (they supply the parkas) into the chamber that’s kept at 40 degrees below zero. (If they need a buffer, you can get acclimated at 20 degrees before plunging into 40 below.) While there, find out what happens to antifreeze and whether soap bubbles survive at sub-zero temperatures. Even without the excuse of showing off the conditions we affectionately refer to as extreme, the experience is worth a step back (or forward) into the winter season we hold close to our thermal-protected hearts.

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