Denali Summer Softball

08/14/2008 Back To Blog

Denali Princess Lodge is largely made up of seasonal staff that is looking for a fun summer job, and part of that fun is summer softball! Or is it? These guys and gals take it pretty seriously! The league is made up of 13 teams from throughout the Denali Canyon. The teams play each other once during the season and then the league championship is decided by a single elimination playoff tournament. The Denali Princess Lodge team is currently ranked in the top three and the league is extremely competitive, which makes for some added drama each week. The game on Wednesday, July 9th was especially interesting.. Here’s an account of that game, told by Tony Aldrich, Warehouse Manager at Denali Princess Lodge.

Luke Husset, the PM Sous Chef at King Salmon Restaurant, was up to bat in the bottom of the second inning with Victoria Whitlow, a Music of Denali Actress, standing on first base in anticipation of the next hit. Luke waited for his pitch, and he finally got what he was looking for. With powerful force, the softball went sailing into right/center field, bypassing the defensive players of the other team.

It is at this point that Luke and Victoria made one of the greatest plays in slow pitch softball history. With nothing but the determination to get a home run, Luke began to run with all of his might. Victoria did likewise. As Luke was rounding second base, Victoria was just about to third. Victoria thought that she was going to stop at third, but Luke had other plans. By the time Victoria stopped on third Luke was bearing down on her.

Probably out of fear of being run over by the Chef, Victoria darted home with Luke right on her heels. With a lot of luck, the opposing team over-threw the ball allowing just a little bit of breathing room for the players to get in before it was too late. But then out of nowhere, Victoria looked like she was going to slip and fall. Luke grabbed her by the hips and she regained her balance and an inside the park, two run homerun was put into the books. Denali Princess Lodge went on to win the game 17 to 12.

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