Why I Came and Never Left

10/07/2008 Back To Blog

I came to Alaska in 2004 to work for the Copper River Princess Wilderness Lodge. I packed up my necessities and drove North to Alaska, with my Dad as my copilot we left Montana in the rear view mirror. When we reached Alaska, my Dad flew home from Anchorage and I settled in for an Alaskan summer. My intention was to drive home when the lodge closed up in September, it is now 2008 and I still haven’t left. Alaska is such a magical place to live; misty mountain passes, glaciers right beside the main highways, moose and bear in our front yard, dog sled races and so many salmon! I still work at the Copper River Princess, with my husband, whom I met during my first summer here. So be careful when you visit Alaska, you may not leave!

posted by Amanda Skiff
Tour Desk Manager