Seen Around Town: Fourth of July fun

07/21/2011 Back To Blog

Employees from the Copper River Princess Wilderness Lodge took part in Glennallen’s recent Fourth of July activities, driving in the parade and throwing out candy.

employee driving white truck decorated in red white and blue waves while participating in the Fourth of July parade.
Copper River Princess Wilderness Lodge employee Rebecca Martz waves while participating in Glennallen
photo of employee in the truck decorated with red white and blue and "Electric Uncle Sam" and Princess wishes you a happy Fourth of July" signs.
Copper River Princess Wilderness Lodge’s June employee of the month, David Jonas, in Glennallen’s Fourth of July parade. Photo courtesy Princess Lodges.
More employees posing with the red white and blue decorated truck for the Fourth of July Parade.
Copper River Princess Wilderness Lodge employees (left to right) Tracy Smith, general manager, David Jonas and Rebecca Martz. Photo courtesy Princess Lodges.