The Ultimate Alaska Vacation Packing List

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Taking a vacation to Alaska means packing some items you might not think of taking elsewhere. After all, this is “The Last Frontier” we’re talking about, right? So ditch the flip flops and the sandals and take a look at the items listed below; you’ll need all of them if you’re planning a new adventure up north.



Sunglasses are very important for a variety of reasons. If you’re venturing north of the Arctic Circle in the summer, you may have to wear your sunglasses at midnight because the sun doesn’t set. Sunglasses are also great eye protection for a number of Alaskan activities like fishing and hunting.



In Alaska, we have a saying: if you don’t like the weather, just wait 15 minutes!
…Actually we’re pretty sure a lot of other places have that motto. But it certainly rings true up here! With mountain regions causing unpredictable weather patterns, you never know what kind of clouds are headed your way. But hey, at least it’s not boring!

Bug Spray


Ahhh there’s nothing like the smell of bug spray on a warm summer evening… or any other time of day for that matter. While Alaska isn’t the buggiest place you can go, this is the great outdoors we’re talking about so it’s always best to be prepared.



You’ll be absolutely devastated if you forget to bring a camera. Alaska’s natural beauty is unlike anywhere else in the world, and you’ll be dying to show off some of the sights you saw to your friends when you get back home.

Hiking shoes

hiking shoes

Leave the high heels and penny loafers behind! Adorn your feet with shoes built for the rugged terrain of Alaska trails. There’s nothing like a pleasant hike through Alaska’s wilderness, but without the proper footwear you’ll be risking a twisted ankle or two.



Round-the-clock sun means unending opportunities to show off your old favorite hat. Don’t let anyone tell you it looks funny.



Just because you’re not spending your vacation on a tropical beach doesn’t mean you won’t need sunscreen. Make sure to have it on you when you’re out and about— as we said before, the weather can change from cloudy to sunny at a moment’s notice!



Binoculars are the top items travelers forget to bring but always wish they had. While it’s always tempting to get an up-close look at those grizzly cubs, binoculars give you both visual proximity and the knowledge you won’t get mauled by a 500 pound mama bear.

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