Unexpected ways to enjoy Alaska salmon

09/14/2017 Back To Blog Salmon BLT sandwich

In Alaska, you can pull salmon out of an icy river that’s just a short walk from your hotel and eat it later that evening. Or, choose to get it processed and shipped back home to enjoy all winter long! Now, we’re not saying that fresh Alaska salmon could ever really get old, but there are plenty of ways to enjoy it that go far beyond just a grilled filet. Here are some of our favorite and unexpected ways to enjoy salmon; print off this list and use it as a checklist as you travel across the state!

  • Alaska salmon poke from Froth and Forage in Indian
  • Candied salmon ice cream from Coppa in Juneau
  • Wild salmon jerky from Alaska’s Best Salmon Jerky found across the state
  • Salmon BLT from the Base Camp Bar at Mt. McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge in Denali State Park
  • Ship Creek Benedict (made with house made smoked salmon cakes) from Snow City Café in Anchorage
  • Smoked salmon Naan bread “pizza” from Slippery Salmon in Anchorage
  • Fresh salmon in a sashimi spring roll from Sushi and Sushi in Anchorage
  • Smoked salmon frittata from Pangea in Anchorage
  • Salmon chorizo at The Rookery in Juneau
  • Tempura coconut salmon from Louie’s in Kenai
  • Alaska salmon salad from the Pump House in Fairbanks
  • Blackened Alaska salmon burrito from the Bear Tooth in Anchorage
  • Niçoise salad with confit salmon from Crush in Anchorage
  • Salmon pasta from SALT in Juneau

From fresh sashimi to slow smoked, there are so many delicious ways to eat Alaska salmon. We hope you’re able to try at least a few of these salmon interpretations as you tour the 49th state!