Answering the most-Googled questions about Alaska

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Curious internet users from across the globe are asking Google questions like, “Do Alaskans live in igloos?” and “Was Alaska a good deal?” In honor of April Fools’ Day we are putting an end to some of the silliest misconceptions about Alaska once and for all, via Google’s autocomplete function.


Is Alaska …


Alaska is dark but it’s also light. Because of the earth’s tilt, in the winter months there are extra hours of darkness and, depending on how far north you travel, the sun might not even peek over the horizon. But the reverse is also true, in the summertime the sun hardly ever goes down!

an island?

Despite how Alaska is presented on many maps, the answer is certainly not. However, there are many islands that are part of the state! There are approximately 2,670 named islands in Alaska. Some are inhabited by people but many of them are left to the bears and other wildlife.

ever warm?

Yes! Alaska does get warm; temperatures in the Interior during the summer consistently range in the 60–80 degrees Fahrenheit range. The highest recorded temperature in Alaska was 100 degrees Fahrenheit in Fort Yukon in June 1915.


What is Alaska …

time zone?

Today, Alaska has its own time zone. Over the years, Alaska has gone through many time zone changes. Because of its size, it’s hard to come up with a good answer for everybody. Alaska is actually both the most western and eastern state in the country. The time zone that encompasses Alaska is called the Alaska Time Zone, AKST and is one hour behind Pacific Time.

bigger than?

It’s bigger than California, it’s bigger than Montana, it’s bigger than Texas and it’s even bigger than all three combined! In fact, including the distance to the furthest island in the Aleutian Chain, the state is as wide as the continental United States.


How Alaskans …

say hello

For the most part, we use all the standard American greetings. A nod of the head, wave of the hand and even, “Hello, how are you?”  Alaska is also home to at least 20 indigenous languages, and more than 100 different languages are represented in the Anchorage School District.


Alaskans live BIG! It’s a big state full of adventure so it’s hard to justify sitting on the couch. Alaskans love to hit the trails, explore glaciers and tackle new adventures every day. Many Alaskans live a subsistence lifestyle because of the abundant resources all around. Summers are spent hunting and fishing to fill the freezer and picking berries for jam and vegetables for canning.


We’ve given you all the tools you need to avoid being duped on Alaska facts this April Fools’ Day. Now, put all that knowledge to good use and book that Princess Alaska Lodges trip you’ve been dreaming about!

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