Experience Fishing in Alaska

For many visitors, an Alaska vacation would not be complete without a fishing excursion. Alaska is renowned for its world class Salmon and fishing has a deep historical tradition within the state. The information below will help you plan your Alaska fishing trip with details regarding fishing conditions, regulations and licensing for the state of Alaska.

Alaska Fishing Regulations

If the Alaska Department of Fish and Game determines that there are not enough salmon entering the river to sustain an adequate regeneration population, the fishing season may be cut back, catch limits decreased, or other similar regulatory rules implemented.

In order to conserve salmon and other species, current regulations require you to stop fishing once you have retained the maximum limit by law.

Information on Alaska’s current regulations can also be found online at www.adfg.state.ak.us.

If your tour is not designated as catch and release, your catch can be processed and shipped home for an additional charge. In most cases, this service can be arranged through the fishing guide or the tour company. Due to Alaska law, the lodges are not allowed to process and/or cook any sport caught salmon. Because of its perishable nature and U.S. Customs regulations, your catch may not be sent outside of the United States in most cases.

Alaska Fishing Conditions & Seasonality

Fish runs are dependent on spawning seasons, weather, river levels, commercial fishing pressure, and numerous other variables. Your fishing location and/or destination could change depending on these conditions and state regulations at the time of your visit. Please remember you have purchased an opportunity to catch fish, not a guarantee of doing so.

Water conditions vary. Rivers fed by glacier water appear gray due to the high silt content and rivers fed by lake water are clear. The Copper River section features fishing tours on both glacier fed (the Klutina) and clear water (the Gulkana) rivers. Kenai offers clear water fishing on the upper and lower Kenai River. Seasonality of species varies with each river as is mentioned in the tour descriptions.

Obtain an Alaska Fishing License

Alaska Fishing licenses are not included in the excursion pricing.

Alaska Fishing licenses are handled locally. We will assist you with arranging an Alaska fishing license, either through the guide service, or at the lodge location. Prices for an Alaska fishing license will vary depending on the number of days you choose to fish. A one-day nonresident sport-fishing license is $15. King Salmon requires an additional $15 stamp. Fishing licenses are required for anyone 16 years of age or older. Visit the Alaska Department of Fish and Game website for more details.