Kenai Nature Trail

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At just under a mile long, the Kenai Nature Trail is the perfect short hike to introduce you to Alaska’s beauty directly from the comfort of the lodge. It’s a great way to warm up for longer hiking trails nearby, such as the four-hour guided Kenai Nature Hike or the gold-panning  Backcountry Prospecting tour, which you can book through the front desk of Kenai Lodge.

The Kenai Nature Trail meanders through spruce trees and along the bluff of the spectacular blue-green Kenai River, offering the opportunity to view some of Alaska’s native birds, such as majestic bald eagles, three species of ptarmigans and Arctic terns. A half-mile trail loop also is available. The trail is not difficult, but we recommend good walking shoes.

Maps are available at the front desk of the Kenai Lodge.