Ask a local: secret winter essentials

12/06/2016 Snowy mountains

In Alaska, winter can mean up to seven months of colder temperatures, shorter days and longer nights. It’s a beautiful season, but requires a different lifestyle than the sun-laden days of summer. Enjoying summer is a no-brainer, but enjoying winter can require strategy. Here are some essentials that residents use…

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Do you want to build a snowman?

11/28/2016 A mother and child build a snowman

It’s difficult to think of a more iconic symbol of winter than a snowman. It’s quite literally winter personified in the friendliest of ways. However, all snowmen are not created equal. They really depend on the quality of snow, conditions of the weather, accessories you’ve brought along and, of course,…

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Alaska dipnetting explained

06/23/2016 A river in Alaska

Driving down Alaska’s Seward Highway on a sunny summer afternoon, you may notice people standing shoulder to shoulder, reaching big nets on poles out into the water. What are they doing out there? The answer: dipnetting!Dipnetting is a method of fishing used for catching salmon and hooligan that’s available to…

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