Sled Dog Demonstration & Ride

Dog Sled Demonstration & Ride

Sled Dog Demonstration & Ride

Step outside the Princess Lodge and meet a local musher and his dog sled team to learn how dogs are kept in shape during the summer months. Long before the Iditarod became world famous, Native Alaskans used dog sleds in their everyday lives to help survive the cold, and to haul food and to pull heavy loads.

During the Alaskan gold rush, dog sleds were needed to bring much-needed supplies up over the mountain passes and glaciers. When winter's over, mushers use wheeled carts to keep their dogs fit for winter sporting events and for everyday transportation.

After a brief demonstration, hop onboard and experience the strength and enthusiasm of these dogs as you're pulled through the wilderness.



Approximately 0.5 hours

Price from:
$35 per person

Easy activity level - Princess Lodges  Easy activity level

Wheelchairs accessible - Princess Lodges  Wheelchair accessible


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